Promotion of the Albanian Strategy for Service Development of NMHS Tirana, Albania

Promotion of the Albanian Strategy for Service Development of NMHS Tirana, Albania, 17 October 2016

Excellencies, honorable ministers, ladies and gentlemen, Good Morning everyone and welcome to our meeting. My name is FH, Director and PR of Albania with WMO. I am so delighted see all of you here to engage into issues the strategy for hydromet development.

It‘s a true pleasure for me to welcome you to Promotion of the Albanian Strategy for Service Development of NMHS, this time in Tirana. I am very grateful to you, for taking time off from your busy schedule to attend this important conference. It’s also an honour for us to welcome representatives from our partner centers as well as experts from science, business and politics to the conference today. And I would like to greet the representatives from the World Bank, Mr. Daniel Kull., and ZAMG, Mr. Andreas Schaffhauser.

Albania has many natural resources basing on its climate such as large number of sunny days, wind and water. As you probably know, water (i.e., climate because water is a derivation of climate) is the biggest asset of Albania which is crossed by several rivers, in general East - West direction. The mean annual discharge of all rivers of Albania is about 1300 m³/s, which corresponds to a specific discharge of 29 l/s.km², one of the highest in Europe. Surface water include also the natural lakes of Ohrid, Prespa and Shkodra, a multitude of minor lakes, and reservoirs built along the main rivers.

On the other side, natural hazards of the climate changes which are projected to further increase the variability and will result in a high risk on the Albanian territory, require countermeasures to protect our lives and economy. In order to have a sustainable management of both sides of climate changes would be needed a strategy for HYDROMET Service which measures the climate parameters of its phenomena.

The Strategy for the Albanian HYDROMET Service is the outcome of a successful joint work between ZAMG and IGEWE which will be extended in coming days as a bridge into HYDROMET Service of EU. Based on the current level of our center, the user needs and requirements and gap analysis, it is developed a feasible plan for the sustainable development of the service delivery capacities of IGEWE. We tried to ensure that the plan is reachable under the economic situation in Albania. The process of putting the strategy into effect would make possible that IGEWE to start the transformation into a modern service-focused institution. The improvement of the service for users with fitted commercial products should raise the recognition by the Albanian Institutions to HYDROMET service as an important driver of the development.

Ladies and gentlemen, the climate challenges require a transnational and transinstitutional effort. It goes without saying that regionally and even internationally coordinated action is needed and is vital: protecting our living „Earth”, preserving our natural resources for current and future generations, finding solutions for the 21 century. The strategy is a first step towards putting forward a vision for the modernization of hydromet services in Albania. This strategy needs to be developed and implemented. In my opinion, hydromet service can play an important role as the advisor to policy makers.

We will discuss, various approaches and potential actions as well as recommendations. I wish you a most fruitful days with interesting discussions and exchange of knowledge so that we can, together, envisage the future of hydromet service in Albania. We thank you very much for coming to Tirana and we look forward to your presentations and remarks on the Albanian Strategy for HYDROMET Service.

Thank you very much. /Director of the Institute of GeoSciences, Energy, Water and Environment, Mr. Fatos Hoxhaj


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