National Centre for Forecast and Monitoring of Natural Risks

National Centre for Forecast and Monitoring of Natural Risks

As cooperation between the Governments of Italy and Albania, it has been created the “National Centre for Forecast and Monitoring of Natural Risks”. For creating this centre we had the expertise of CIMA Research Foundation - International Centre on Environmental Monitoring, in Savona, Italy.

Our Centre deals primarily with two main hazards in Albania: Forest Fires during the summer (and soon) the Floods during the wet seasons.

For this reason the Centre issues (every morning) on a daily basis a Forest Fires Warning Bulletin during the summer and a Meteorological Warning Bulletin during the wet seasons.

Both bulletins are prepared using the open source web-based platform DEWETRA (DEWETRA has been developed by CIMA on behalf of the Italian department of Civil Protection who uses it routinely for its activities of forecast, monitor and surveillance of natural hazards). It contains all the necessary information: model RISICO for the forest fires forecast, meteorological forecast model COSMO, different kind of real-time and past data, etc. The bulletins are broadcasted through e-mail within
12:00 AM of each working day.

The Forest Fires Warning Bulletin reports the potential risk scenarios related with the ignition and propagation of fires in Albania. It highlights where and when severe risk conditions may occur within the next 48 hours. It offers a detailed potential risk scenarios forecast for each district of Albania
(36 in total).

The Meteorological Warning Bulletin is mostly dedicated to the precipitation forecast, as one of the most important hazard in Albania. It covers 36 hours, starting for the noon of the current day till the end of the next day. It offers a detailed precipitation forecast for each prefecture of Albania (12 in total). The prefectures that have to do with the most problematic river, Drini, are divided in 2 or 3 areas to better monitor the situation. For each prefecture it is presented the average of the precipitations, local maximum precipitations and, if present, events that exceed 45 mm in 3 hours (possible storms). Reference meteorological model is COSMO LAMI7 (managed by ARPA Bologna, Italy). Its spatial resolution is 7 km and temporal resolution for the outputs is 3 hours.

Legend for booth bulletins are or will be adapted to be similar to MeteoAlarm (; in the future we intent to be part of this European activity.

Below you will see two examples of the bulletins.

Buletini i ParalajmŽrimit Meteorologjik 36ore
Buletini i Zjarreve
National Centre for Forecast and Monitoring of Natural Risks National Centre for Forecast and Monitoring of Natural Risks
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National Centre for Forecast and Monitoring of Natural Risks


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