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  1. Family name:  MILUSHI
  2. First name:     Ibrahim
  3. Date of birth:  March 10, 1959
  4. Nationality: Albanian
  5. Civil status: Married 
  6. Education:     



(Date from - Date to)

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

1979-1984: Diploma with Registration No.  2360, date 14. 1.1984

Graduated as Engineer Geologist from Geology and Mining Faculty, Polytechnic University of Tirana with high results (9.2/10).

1996 (11.01.1996): No of Registration  3460

PHD degree from Earth Sciences Department, Faculty of Geology and Mining, Polytechnic University of Tirana.

2001: Decision of Scientific Qualification Commission,  No. 62,  date 14.11.2001,  No of Regitration  4709

Associated Professor

2009: Decision of Commission of Academic Titles Evaluation,  No. 32,  date 05.06.2009.



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  1. Membershipof professional bodies: Chief of Scientific Council of Institute of Geosciences, Member of Academic Senate of Polytechnic University of Tirana
  2. Other skills: (e.g. Computer literacy, etc.) Word, excel, power point,
  3. Present position: Director of Institute of Geosciences           
  4. Field of interest: Metalogeny of ophiolite and volcano-sedimentary formation, Structure of magmatic and metamorphic rocks     
  5. Key qualifications: Specialisation on the metalogeny of ophiolites (nine months, Midle East Technical University, Ankara-Turkey)


  1. Specific experience in the region:


Date from - Date to


1984 - today


1996 (two months), 1997 (three months), 2008 (two months) : Mapping in ultamafic areas of Kopdagi (Erzincan), Pozanti (Adana), Hashasdagi (Erzurum) and prospecting-exploration for cromite ore in these areas


2008 (two months), 2009 (two months). Mapping of volcano-sedimentary formation (Morine-Vermice); Mapping of metamorphic rocks (Sericite-chlorite shales in  Burince (Gjilan); mapping of intermediate-acidic rocks (andesite, tuffs, quartz-latite etc) in Muhazobi – Drazhuja (Podujeve)

  1. Professionalexperience

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Company& reference person
 (name & contact details)



1984 - 1987

Puke, Albania

State-owned Geological Enterprise of Puka

Prospecting – Exploration geologist

Compiling and performing projects on the copper prospecting - exploration

1997 - 1991


Institute of Geological Research, Tirana.

Mapping geologist 

Mapping on the several areas of ophiolite of Albania ( areas of copper and chromite spreading)


Ankara - Turkey

Middle East Technical University, Ankara-Turkey

Long-term specialization (9 months) on Metalogeny of ophiolite

Following courses on the petrology and metalogeny. Field missions all over Turkey. Presentations on geology and metalogeny of Albania

1992 – 1994:

Tirana - Albania

General Directorate of Geological Survey of Albania, Tirana.

Chief of Foreign Relations and Supervisor of Projects

Chief of Foeign relations for Ggeological Survey of Albania including Institute of Geological Research, Tirana and Center of Geophysical Studies, Tirana

1994 –2004:

Tirana - Albania

Institute of Geological Research, Tirana.

Head of several scientific projects

Projects on different topics of the ophiolites. Several projects in cooperation with foreign institutions

December 2004 – October 2005

Tirana- Albania

“European Minerals” private Company, The main office London, Enland


The “European Minerals” Company had six licence areas (in total 2400 km2) for prospecting of copper in Albania. I worked both in field and in office

December 2005- October 2006:

Tirana- Albania

Institute of Geological Research, Tirana.

Chief of Metalogeny Section

During this time the Mealogeny section worked in several projects.

16 October 2006 – 31 December 2007

Tirana- Albania

Institute of Geological Research


Institute of Geological Research, Tirana during this time accomplished two monographs on geology and metalogeny of Albania. At the same time several other projects were accomplished

1 January 2008 – 11 May 2009

Tirana - Albania

Institute of Geosciences, Polytechnic University, Tirana - Albania

Chief of Georesource and Geoengineery Department

The new created Institution was  in the transition period (up to 2 years)

11 May 2009 - today

Tirana - Albania

Institute of Geosciences, Polytechnic University, Tirana - Albania


The Institute carry out studies on geology, geophysics and seismology.


  1.  Other relevant information (e.g., Publications):

-  Scientific publications: 5 monographs, 17 papers, 45 Abstracts
-  Scientific studies (projects): 30 scientific voluminous reports (of which 6 in cooperation with foreign Universities).
 - Participation in scientific activities (Congresses, Symposiums, Workshops): Participation with oral or poster contribution in 45 scientific activities.

  1. Other relevant information:

 - Driving licence: 12 years experience.

Contact: Address: Rruga “Don Bosko” Nr. 60, Tirane; Tel & Fax: +35542250601 (office), Tel +355682011052 (mobil), e-mail:;;  webpage:


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