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Ardian Minarolli

Street “Don Bosko” no. 60,
Postal Code: 1024

I started working in 1987 near the Seismological Center (today IGEO) with laboratory tasks for the identification, localization, processing, reporting, making of the bulletin, of the seismic activity, near the central station of Tirana. During these years at work I have participated in many different projects & trainings. Mentioning some of them such as Seismic Microzoning of the city of Tirana with Prof. S. Kociu. Seismic studies in the framework of a World Bank project, Shkumbin-Seman estuary, with Prof. J. Skrami. Project using electromagnetic methods for the identification of archaeological objects in Bylis, Apollonia and the fortress of Tirana together with as.prof.H.Reci. Project on the measurement of Radon gas values ​​in the north-east & south-west of Albania with Prof. S. Dogjani, etc. Currently, I continue monitoring the seismic activity in the country & the region around us.