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Bulletin working group

Bulletin working group (B-WG) include assistant research and research staff as follow:

  • Researchers ( Seismologist )
  • Assistant Researchers: - Specialists (Analysts of Seismological Data)

Processing Pipeline:

  • Real time Data (wave form-Wf) fed through NETDET automatic processing and archiving routine (SEISAN) into TIR database;
  • Real time Event locating (preliminary);
  • Manual Data (offline) processing (Phase picking and identification, amplitude picking and Magnitude determination (ML, Ms, mb, Mw) - (Analysts);
  • Manual review on weekly bases (Analysts);
  • Review of M ≥ 2.5 seismic Events, re-location and focal mechanism (Seismologists);
  • General Quality Check – (Seismologists);
  • Seismic Bulletin (monthly) - Automatic;
  • Summary of Bulletin (Annual product) – (Seismologists);