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Department of Geology (DG)

The Department of Geology is the structure (Base Unit of the Institute of Geosciences) that promotes, organizes and develops research activity in the field of Geology as a whole, consulting on the basis of contacts and agreements in the fields of its activity, in accordance with the Statute of the Polytechnic University of Tirana, and with the Internal Regulation of the Institute of Geosciences. The structure of the Geology department is organized into three research-teaching groups which are:

  • Regional Geology & Tectonics Research - Teaching Group
  • Geoengineering and Georisk Research-Teaching Group
  • Geophysics and Geomagnetism Research - Teaching Group


The Department of Geology, according to the order No. 371, dated 28.7.2011 of the Minister of Education and Science has the mission:

  • To conduct scientific research, basic and applied, in the field of Geosciences.
  • Participate in undergraduate, in-service training of students and in the qualification of young scientists.
  • Provide services to third parties and assist in the transfer of knowledge and technology in the fields of natural resources Georisk, Geoengineering and Geoinformation.


Continuous consolidation and strengthening of research capacities:

Development of human resources and increase of the level of expertise in the field of geology; training of existing scientific staff and its renewal with new scientific staff, selected on strict scientific criteria, to ensure the continuity of scientific research in relevant fields and to meet the challenges of the future.


Orientation of scientific research:

Scientific research in the Department of Geology will be based on the rich heritage of the geological-tectonic study of the country, mineral resources and all geological phenomena. An important starting point for this purpose will be the careful study of all this heritage in scientific publications, numerous archival materials, especially in the Central Archive of Geology.

Integration of research with university education:

The Department of Geology, within IGEWE, will be integrated with all research capacities, qualified academic staff, information resources, technological base, museum exhibitions, etc., in university education, mainly for diplomas "Master" ”And“ Doctor of Science ”in the field of geosciences.

Consulting services and transfer of knowledge and technology:

The Department will make every effort to regulate the legal framework to obtain legal attributes for studies with third parties (municipalities, communes, private companies), for the study of geological risks in the territories of Municipalities and Municipalities and especially for companies operating in the field of exploration, discovery and exploitation of groundwater, solid minerals, oil and gas, construction materials, etc.