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Monthly Climatic Bulletin

The Climate Monthly Bulletin prepared by the Department of Meteorology of IGEO aims to provide scientific information on the meteorological situation of each month, immediately after its completion, as well as in the climatic context, to provide estimates on climate change and the tendency of in Albania. The Bulletin will contain:

  • A synoptic assessment and some key features from the meteorological point of view that characterize the analyzed month.
  • Meteorological data which, after being checked, digitized, verified and processed according to the scientific technical standards of WMO, referred to a set of National Meteorological Monitoring Systems, mainly for air temperature, atmospheric precipitation, etc.; will be reflected in the form of charts, maps, etc., in order to give an estimate and clear idea of the time and space distribution for the territory of our country.
  • Comparison with the rate values referring to the period 1961-1990 or other periods of time will enable the conclusion to be made of how the various climatic elements are moving in the perspective of climate change for Albania.
  • Based on the information and scientific climate assessment products from the world's most recognized scientific professional centers with which our institution has cooperative relationships, are provided estimates for the medium and long term forecast of the expected situations for the coming months following the date of each bulletin broadcast.
  • The last columns of this bulletin relate to the coverage of various information related to scientific achievements in the field of meteorology or the climate in particular, not only in our country, special events such as "International Meteorological Day", results of scientific research work or different subjects realized by students under the scientific leadership of the department.

Certain scientific areas relevant to the assessment of Climate as a national asset and in the function of certain meteorological situations or evidenced events will be a concluding part of this bulletin, intertwined with considerations on the effectiveness of the use of meteorological information and climate to have a sustainable and progressive development of our country's economy to ensure better welfare for the people or minimize the consequences of extreme weather events.

Based on the professional experience and the long experience in the field of meteorology and climate we think this scientific bulletin will help many users of different fields of economy, researchers, decision-making at various levels, students, as well as media and public information on the whole, to know on a scientific basis what is happening to the climate in Albania and how it is expected in the coming months or years.