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The Bulletin of the Albanian Seismic Network (ASN) is the primary output of the Seismic Monitoring Process, a service offered by the Department of Seismology (DS), and is regarded as the definitive record of the Albanian local and regional seismicity.

To use this service product the product citation (starting from July 2009 it is indexed with ISSN : 2664-410X), is:

Monthly bulletin of seismology. Country: Albania. Medium: Online, ISSN : 2664-410X

DS database contains parametric data from 1974 to present, although scars data prior to 1974 have also added mainly from the International Seismological Centre Bulletin (ISC). The Reviewed DS Bulletin, which is manually checked by responsible staff, undergo repeated relocation (when there are sufficient data and/or model improvement), which is not a real-time process and is completed within a year of monitoring.

The Bulletin may be accessed in one of three ways:

  • online web searches, which provides access to all DS Bulletin data, on subscription;
  • monthly files (pdf) of the DS Bulletin from the IGEO http site;
  • purchase hard copy or CD-ROMs with monthly files by request at IGEO;

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