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Irena Dushi (Ferra) is graduated in Physics (2002-2007) at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana. She received a Master of  Science degree (MSc), in 2007. She has been involved in different academic and teaching stages of her career as High School teacher of Physics and lecturer of Physics at “Aleksander Xhuvani” and “Aleksander Moisi” Universities during the period 2014-2017. Mrs. Dushi has been employed as specialist in the Strategic Planning and Energy Balance sector at the Department of Renewable Energy under the  National Agency of Natural Resources (NANR) during 2010-2012, as well as specialist on Physics in the Department of Data Collection and  Data identification, part of the Directorate of Nuclear Energy at NANR, 2009-2010. She has demonstrated also good organizing and management skills in private sector self-engagement.

She has good knowledge on different operational systems such as Windows and Linux, as well as on different professional software packages such as SeiscomP and Seisan, part of her work routine and trainings, as well good knowledge of French and English.

Mrs. Dushi  joined IGJEO in September 2017. Her actual position is Monitoring Specialist (Analysts) in the National Earthquake Monitoring Center at the Department of Seismology (IGEO).

During her career at Department of Seismology, Mrs. Dushi followed different trainings like: International Training Course “Seismology, Seismic Data Analysis, Hazard Assessment & Risk Mitigation” GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ), Potsdam, Germany 2020 (online); Training course on NDC capacity building “NDC waveform analysts training” CTBTO Preparatory Commission, VIC, Vienna, Austria 2021 (online). She was also involved in several scientific publications as author and co-author.