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Msc PHD (c)

Gjon Rrota

Scientific research team of Geophysics

Street “Don Bosko” no. 60,
Postal Code: 1024

Gjon has a Master of Science degree in Geoenvironmenal Engineering, at the Faculty of Geology and Mines of Tirana Polytechnic University. Currently he is a PhD candidate Geoenvironmenal Engineering at Tirana Polytechnic University, as a collaboration between Institute of Geosciences and Departement of Earth Sciences. He initially, as part of scientific research team of Geophysics is focused in in the experimental studies on the possibility to use the geophysical methods in the search/monitoring of the Radon Gas in indoor and outdoor, by establishing theoretical and practical basis of the geophysical methodology. He is working for Institute of Geoscience since April 2021, building up knowledge and experience in the field of geophysics, geo hazard, and radon gas monitoring.