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Mirela Dvorani (Ndrita)

Website: www.geo.edu.al
Street “Don Bosko” no. 60,
Postal Code: 1024

MSc. Mirela Dvorani studied mathematics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (1983-1987), University of Tirana. During the years 2005-2008, she completed in-depth postgraduate studies in "Applied Mathematics, Probability-Statistics", at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana.

Since 2000, she has worked as a mathematician and statistician in the surface water sector, Department of Hydrology at the Institute of Hydrometeorology and then with the same position at IGJEO.

During this period, the analysis of the hydrological series of the hydrological system of Albania was carried out; in solving problems of data analysis and application of statistical programs; in the construction, collection, completion and systematization of the hydrological database of surface waters for the entire hydrological system of Albania.