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Petrit ZORBA

Website: www.geo.edu.al
Street “Don Bosko” no. 60,
Postal Code: 1024

Meteorologist, Department of Meteorology, Institute of Geosciences, of the Polytechnic University of Tirana.

Part-time Lector at the Polytechnic University of Tirana (Environmental Engineer Departament), Tirana University, Shkodra University, and Elbasan University for the matter of Climatology at the Department of Geography and for the matter of “Risk evaluations”.

Participant in different national and international projects, such as the World Bank Project for the Improvement of National Network of Hydro-Meteorological Observations, the GIZ project related to better monitoring the flooding and minimizing the impacts of natural disasters at the Buna and Drin River areas, and projects related to the modernization and implementation of new technology at the institute by the Ministry of Education and Sciences. The focal point for different IPA regional projects. Representative of Albania at the Project Coordination Committee for the South East Europe Flash Flood Guidance System. In different time periods has been also head of the Department of Climate and Environment at IGEWE.

Main expertise in application and use of meteorological and climatological information in different branch of economy, risk management, renewable energy, and agrometeorology. Member of international organizations like AMS, CMS, INSAM, WASWC, SMF, etc. Representative of Albania to WMO – CAgM commission in Geneva.

Last publications are the book: “Klimatologjia – Tirana, 2009 and the “Dukurite e demshme atmosferike ne aviacion” (Aviation Hazards) in 2013, Tirana. Also, participant in different national and international conferences, workshops, etc. A special contribution as a co-organizer for the “EUMETSAT Information Day”, 18-19 March 2015 in Tirana, Albania. During the last years, 2017-2022 has prepared and published the Monthly Climate Bulletin for Albania.